An Example Of Convergence

Nokia Point and Shot

I had an opportunity yesterday to speak on mobility at the Kioskcom and Digital Signage show in Las Vegas. I spent most of the allotted time presenting the key trends and enablers that are facilitating the convergence of digital signage and mobility. The later part of my presentation was dedicated to example scenarios and applications. One example that I did not mention due to time limitations was Nokia’s new Point & Find application.

Nokia’s Point & Find application allows users of certain Nokia cell phones (the Nokia N95 is pictured) to point their camera at an object and receive content/information tied to that object. Nokia uses the example of a movie poster that when viewed through the phone’s camera would prompt the phone to access information stored in Nokia’s portal-managed library of objects and then feed back information specific to that object (e.g. trailers, theaters, show times, directions to the theaters, etc). Nokia makes their portal available to those who want to create a library of “tagged” objects along with their associated calls to action. For those needing help in launching the service, Nokia’s professional services organization is there to help.

So where is the convergence with digital signage? Obviously the content presented on digital signage could be watermarked to let viewers know that the displayed content is tagged for a Point & Find experience. As a matter of fact, it is my opinion that digital signage would be a must-have medium to make this application successful – at least until this service gets critical mass. How else would viewers’ know to use their Point & Find application? Congratulations to Nokia on their innovative thinking.


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