Where are the ad dollars going?

According to an article in May 12th’s Wall Street Journal, “iPhone Gets Bigger as Ad Medium” advertisers are plowing more resources into the Apple iPhone as a new marketing tool. This echoes a position taken by panelist at a recent wireless conference that I attended. The panelist, a virtual who’s who of content providers, e.g. AOL, MTV, etc., seemed to unanimously agree that the iPhone provided such a radically different user experience that the engagement level between the users and the applications were “off the charts.” According to one panelist, “Even though the iPhone currently represents a small segment of the mobile market, we’re directing a substantial portion of our development efforts to that platform because the level of stickiness is unprecedented.” My take on this is: Advertisers like user engagement, Advertisers like to measure engagement and Advertisers like to take advantage of buzz. The iPhone gives them all of this. Message to the digital signage community: If you’re wondering where the ad dollars are going. . . .


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