Catching Up On Events

We’ll it’s been three weeks since my last post. This is not due to any lack of interest; it’s simply a consequence of way too much to do and so little time in which to do it. For the past month, I’ve been working around the clock, seven days a week to prepare for the launch of what I believe to be the ultimate convergence of mobility and digital signage. I’ve also been attempting to complete the long-awaited white paper on the “Implications of Mobile Trends on Digital Signage.” If all goes well, I hope to have the white paper complete this week. More on both topics in the coming days, but for now, let’s recap some key news and events related to mobile/digital signage convergence.

1) Best Buy commissioned a survey that found that applications and real-time connectivity to information and other digital content were driving a consumer shift to smartphones. Anyone who has been following my thinking on the subject knows that I believe smartphones are one of the three major catalysts facilitating mobile/digital signage convergence.

2) MGM announced that they would expand on their mobile marketing initiatives. If you’ve been to the MGM property in Vegas you already know that they are using digital signage to promote the use of SMS codes to connect guests with mobile information and mobile alerts. Kudos to MGM for their expanding use of digital signage with mobility.

3) More handset manufacturers are announcing touchscreen smartphones ( e.g. the Samsung announcement). I’ve been reading press releases and announcements related to the subject and many reference the success of the iPhone as the basis for moving in that direction. In my opinion, very few get the reason the touchscreen has been so successful – it frees up screen real estate. The whole phone can be dedicated to display vs buttons and keyboards. This provides more room for the content – especially multimedia content. If I were a handset manufacturer, I’d be spending more time trying to figure out how to leverage multi-media content and create a seamless experience with the content. This is the Apple example that should be emulated.


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