InView Mobile: The Ultimate In Convergence

iPhoneScreen2Well, it has again been a couple of weeks since my last post. I have three really good reasons for the lack of follow-through:

1) Been busy completing the oft referenced whitepaper on the convergence
of signage and mobility. It will be out this week.

2) Just launched a new web site and accompanying messaging campaign
for my employer, Symon Communications. Check it out at

3) Just completed an initial roll-out of InView Mobile, Symon’s media player
application for smartphones.

Since I believe InView Mobile is such an important and interesting innovation, I’m going to dedicate this blog post to discussing the application. After learning about it, I hope that you’ll agree with me that InView Mobile represents the state-of-the-art in digital signage/mobility convergence.

InView Mobile is a new smartphone application – initially for the iPhone — that extends the digital signage viewership experience to the mobile phone. InView Mobile, when launched, determines the viewer’s location and then retrieves and presents interactive, multi-media content that is specific to the location where the application is launched.

Here’s how it works. Viewers of digital signage see an InView Mobile icon presented on the digital signage screen and are encouraged to download and launch the InView Mobile application. Once launched, InView Mobile queries Symon’s content management system to acquire and deliver a mobile version of the show currently playing on the wall-mounted screen. InView Mobile goes one step further in that it presents the information in an interactive, touchscreen format, essentially turning the big screen’s non-interactive show into a mobile, interactive show. InView Mobile in essence takes a dumb wall display and turns it into a “kiosk your pocket.”

The Symon team and I actually launched the InView Mobile application three weeks ago at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London. For two weeks, June 22 through July 5, InView Mobile was devoted exclusively to augmenting the digital signage that Symon had deployed at Wimbledon. During the tournament, signage viewers could download and launch InView Mobile to receive interactive wayfinding and live scoring information and have it available to them anywhere on the Wimbledon grounds. It was an exciting experience as we had an opportunity to work closely with IBM and Apple to bring Symon’s application to market at such a prestigious event.

We were especially appreciative of the good support we got from Apple. We couldn’t have done it without them. The only downside to Apple’s enthusiasm was that they promoted InView Mobile on iTunes as a featured application. This was a bitter/sweet experience. Sweet in the sense that it was great seeing our application prominently displayed on iTunes; bitter in the sense that tens of thousands of people downloaded the application only to find that they could not get any Wimbledon content. After all, InView is about providing information to augment the in-venue experience. If you weren’t physically at Wimbledon, InView Mobile wouldn’t let you receive Wimbledon content. By the time we had discovered what was happening with iTunes, it was too late to avoid an avalanche of negative feedback; the genie was out of the bottle. Oh well, live and learn.

We put together a video that demonstrates how the InView Mobile application works. Go to Symon’s web site and click on “Learn More About InView Mobile” to see the demonstration and to learn more. Symon’s web site is


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