Interesting Article On The iPhone

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe the iPhone has been a game-changer. I write about this in my White Paper, which by the way is finally finished and will be published this week.

I read an interesting article in Mobile Marketing this morning about Apple and the iPhone so I though I’d recap the main points since it is such interesting stuff.

– Apple sold 5.2m iphones in 3rd qtr (despite recession & supply shortages)
– 626% increase 3rd qtr sales of iPhone over prior year
– 45 million iPhones sold to date (within two years of launch)
– Consumers downloaded 1.5 billion applications in the first year of the app store
– The iPhone has changed people’s expectations regarding what they get with a phone
– The iPhone is driving a huge increase in the amount of bandwidth people use
– Google says that 50% of all mobile phone transactions come from the iPhone
– The mobile internet is becoming mainstream thanks in large part to the iPhone
– Mobile advertising performs 5 times better than online
– The iPhone has brands and advertisers are looking to leverage mobile ad’s
– The iPhone buzz is driving more investment in mobile advertising overall


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