Archive | August, 2010

So Much For Wayfinding

Last week, Ken Goldberg of Real Digital Media posted the following tweet: “So much for digital signage for wayfinding in grocery.” Included in the tweet was a link to an article that described a new mobile application being tested by the Meijer’s grocery store chain in Michigan that allows smartphone-equipped shoppers to find more than […]

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Mobile Shopper Marketing

Michael Quinn, the former Chief Strategist & SVP of Marketing at Premier Retail Network (PRN), wrote an interesting post on his blog entitled “Mobile Shopper Marketing — Who Will Win and Why.” In that post he examined whether the retailer or the brand marketers (aka manufacturers) would win control over “mobile shopper marketing.” His post, […]

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State of The Digital Signage Industry

  In mid-June, I released a white paper called Ad-Funded Digital Signage: Is There A Furture In It? that took the very controversial position that the new generation of smartphones is having a negative impact on digital signage – particularly ad-funded digital signage. In the weeks that followed my paper’s release, the mobile juggernaut has […]

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