State of The Digital Signage Industry

Digital Signage Solutions Magazine


In mid-June, I released a white paper called Ad-Funded Digital Signage: Is There A Furture In It? that took the very controversial position that the new generation of smartphones is having a negative impact on digital signage – particularly ad-funded digital signage. In the weeks that followed my paper’s release, the mobile juggernaut has continued to move forward at an unprecedented pace while recent reports and articles have shown that ad-funded digital signage has…. to quote one very credible source…. not even moved the needle.

Given that I have an opinion on the state of the digital signage industry, I was asked by Ben Skidmore, the publisher of a new digital signage magazine called “Signage Solutions”, to write an article on that very topic. You can read the article by clicking HERE or by clicking on the link under the column heading to the right called “My Recent Articles.”

One final point. Give Signage Solutions a try. Ben is attempting to do something different with this publication. He’s a nice guy, and I believe he has a good focus on trying to expose successful signage installations – including those in which signage and mobility have converged.


One Response to “State of The Digital Signage Industry”

  1. Hi Steve,
    great and neccesary article which helps to understand and develope the digital signage market.

    We should be in touch to address your ideas to the European and German market,too.

    Best greetings from Germering/Munich

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