Archive | October, 2010

Mobile & Digital Signage

The following is the opening paragraphs of an article that I just completed for an advertising supplement on Digital Signage that will appear in the November 5th issue of the USA Today. Once you read my opening paragraphs, take a look at the video that follows. It’s a funny but all too real look at […]

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Mobile Innovation Moves To The Wrist

Let’s face it. The purpose of digital signage is to communicate messages to large audiences of viewers. I have been maintaining for quite some time that rapidly evolving technological innovation and changing social behaviors would dictate that the mobile phone will be the consumer messaging platform of choice — particularly personalized messages. Today, I came […]

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Recent Happenings

I usually write about events affecting the convergence of digital signage and mobility, but I thought today I’d write about some items of general interest. First, you may be interested in reading a short blurb that I wrote for an informational insert that was included in the September 24th issue of the USA Today. This […]

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