Mobile & Digital Signage

The following is the opening paragraphs of an article that I just completed for an advertising supplement on Digital Signage that will appear in the November 5th issue of the USA Today. Once you read my opening paragraphs, take a look at the video that follows. It’s a funny but all too real look at how people are engaging with their smartphones.

(An extract from my article in the USA Today advertising supplement on Digital Signage)

Just look around. Flat panel screens with engaging digital content are popping up almost everywhere. One can see them in restaurants, banks, hotels, schools, retail establishments, etc. They can even be seen in a growing number of corporate workplaces. In fact, digital signage represents one of the last bastions of hope a venue owner has to capture the mindshare of an increasingly distracted audience.

But as with all new technologies, there are limitations. For example, how does the venue owner know that people are looking at the digital signage? How do they know if the content is resonating with the viewing audience? How do they know if their calls to action are being acted upon?

By itself, digital signage cannot answer these questions, but when combined with mobile technologies and the growing affinity people have to immerse themselves in their mobile devices, the limitations of digital signage can easily be addressed and the value can be greatly enhanced.

(Look for the rest of the article in the digital signage supplement to the November 5th issue of the USA Today, which will be available in select markets.)


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