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Where’s The Game-Changing Innovation?

Last Monday Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, took the stage to introduce Windows 8 Mobile and a bevy of new Windows 8 phones from Samsung, HTC and Nokia.  This announcement followed Friday’s release of their new Windows 8 Surface tablet.  On the same day, Google also announced a new Nexus 4 smartphone, an updated […]

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Oh No! Here We Go Again!

James Wester of Mobile Payments Today wrote a great article this afternoon entitled: “Wal-Mart Exec Says ‘No’ to Google Wallet, NFC”.  Not long after the article was published, I had people flooding my in-box with both shrieks of panic saying: “oh no! You’re doomed!” and boasts of pride saying: “nah, nah, I told you so.” […]

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