A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

No one can advance a cause or idea without the help of others. In business, this is why we have industry associations. They provide a non-threatening environment where companies can test ideas, solicit the feedback of others, and collaborate with like-minded individuals/organizations to achieve a common cause. Industry associates create unique synergies that move ideas forward.

The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) is doing this with mobile payments. The DSA is reaching out to the mobile payments industry to invite them to participate in an initiative to bring the customer engagement experience and the mobile payment process closer together.

The purpose of this is two fold:

  1. It provides the DSA with access to a deeper understanding of mobile payments, which equips the Association to better educate its membership, as well as prospective members, on the needs, processes, requirements, solutions and impediments of mobile payments.  When better educated, members are better prepared to make more intelligent product planning/purchase decisions.  It also allows customer engagement solution developers to more effectively factor the unique requirements of payments into their product designs.

  2. It provides the mobile payment providers with access to a broader view of the customer engagement experience and a better sense of the current state-of-the-art for engagement solutions.  This allows the mobile payment provider to develop their products/services with a greater eye towards a more holistic offering that can offer the consumer greater value.  This will help increase customer demand.

To understand how a collaborative relationship between the DSA and the mobile payments industry would work, it is first important to understand the DSA’s mission statement:

The mission of the Digital Screenmedia Association is to advance the growth and excellence of digital signage, kiosks and mobile through education, advocacy and networking.

To make this mission relevant to mobile payments, let’s deconstruct it within that particular context.

Deconstructing The Mission

The primary focus of the DSA’s mission is to “advance the growth and excellence of mobile payments”. How does it do this?  It does it by first engaging its various committee members, both users and vendors, to discuss: 1) The current state of mobile payments; 2) The benefits/impact of mobile payments on the customer engagement experience; 3) The future state of customer engagement with the inclusion of payments; 4) The packaging of a pursuit plan to educate members.

Packaging includes finding a champion within the DSA who will shepherd the topic through the process.  It also includes developing a strategy that will guide the pursuit as well as developing a tactical plan for executing the pursuit.  In the case of mobile payments, the committee would seek to enlist the guidance of key stakeholders (e.g. the mobile payment providers) to help define the pursuit priorities.

The secondary focus of the mission is to “educate” its members and prospective members on mobile payments through webinars, blog posts, conference presentations, articles, etc.  These educational efforts are guided by the priorities defined in the pursuit package and are designed to create a greater awareness of the value, technologies and processes connected with mobile payments.

The tertiary focus of the DSA’s mission is to advocate mobile payment solution-sets that best represent the goals of the membership.  This includes being advocates for specific requirements or specifications that enhance the customer engagement experience. It also includes advocating, where appropriate, membership-endorsed positions within the pertinent policy-setting and/or regulatory bodies.

The fourth, and final, focus of the DSA mission is to promote member “networking” as a means to create synergies to strengthen all involved.  The DSA sees itself as a uniting force that invites those with similar interests to come together to share ideas, barter services and jointly address challenges.  The DSA and its relevant committees sponsor networking events, meet & greets and impromptu get-togethers.  The goal of the networking component is for the participants to know whom to engage when the need arises.


A collaboration between the DSA and the mobile payment industry creates synergies that benefits all parties.  It allows the parties to gain a broader perspective of the entire customer engagement experience, which translates into the creation of better products and solutions. This creates a rising tide that lifts all boats within the customer engagement arena.


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