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Mobile Payments: Thinking Out of the Box

I have an article coming out in the soon-to-be published “State of the Mobile Payments Industry” report by Mobile Payments Today.  In that article, I point out that the ultimate winner of the mobile payments gold rush will likely be the company that can re-envision the entire payments process.  My article discusses how recent adoption […]

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But They Didn’t – Circa 2013

A day after the iPhone 5 was released last September, I wrote a blog post entitled “But They Didn’t”.  The blog post extolled the iPhone 5’s apparent engineering excellence, but it lamented its inability to facilitate game-changing innovation.  The following is an expert from last year’s post about the iPhone 5, which is followed by […]

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Mobile Payments: Why Is It Falling Short?

Mobile Payments Create Excitement… and Confusion It has been believed for quite some time that “mobile payments” represents a tantalizing new source of revenue for brands, payment processors, card issuers, network operators, content providers, etc. But the term “mobile payments” is confusing because it is an umbrella reference that covers six functional models and each […]

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