Pyrim Announces Launch of the Mobile Commerce Education Resource Kit

Mobile innovations such as mobile wallets, payments, marketing, shopping, loyalty and mobile services are revolutionizing the way consumers shop and buy things. The vast majority of merchants, however, are struggling to make sense of it all. Most have neither the time nor expertise to assimilate the fast-changing data. They need someone who can objectively do it for them and then deliver the associated insights in a usable format. In response to this need, Pyrim Technologies announces the Mobile Commerce Education Resource Kit (mCERK).

The mCERK is a compilation of resources designed to educate merchants on mobile commerce.

The first resource is a 35-page instruction manual entitled: “Pyrim’s Guide To Mobile Commerce” This manual is designed to teach merchants about the mobile commerce ecosystem, its six major elements, its nearly eighty supporting subcomponents and its growing list of supporting technologies.

The second resource is a 10+ page document is entitled: “The Mobile Commerce Landscape Report” This document is designed to teach merchants about the history of mobile commerce and do so in a way that contrasts and compares the current month’s key events against an overall historical framework.

The third resource is a software-based teaching tool called the Mobile Commerce Matrixes (MCM). The MCM teaches merchants about the different types of mobile commerce solutions; how others within their industry, as well as other industries, have implemented mobile commerce; the suppliers who are delivering these solutions; the key news, events and trends that are influencing the direction of mobile and mobile commerce. A video describing the MCM is at the bottom of this page.

The fourth resource is a monthly conference call in which mCERK subscribers can participate in a group discussion on the current month’s mobile commerce events, issues and activities.

The mCERK is designed to answer many questions. For example:

  • What is the mobile commerce ecosystem and what are its component pieces?
  • What components of the mobile commerce ecosystem do solutions in my industry support?
  • How do the various mobile commerce solutions that are within my industry operate/function?
  • How are other industries using mobile commerce and could their approach fit my business?
  • What roles do mobile payments, marketing, loyalty, etc. play within my industry segment?
  • If I decide to deploy a mobile commerce solution, to whom can I turn for help in developing it?


NOTE: If the video’s launch panel is not visible, refresh this web page. 


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